AirDrives INA099080/04/1 Headphones – Pink Ribbon Challenge

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AirDrives Pink Ribbon Challenge Earphones are for women and kids. They have a smaller ear hook than AirDrives to fit smaller ears, include the volume ramp and still deliver premium sound and awareness. A portion of the proceeds go to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Run, walk or work in these sporty AirDrives while showing your support for finding a cure for breast cancer. With AirDrives, you’ll be able to stay tuned into what’s around you. AirDrives earphones are sports tough with a cinch around the ear design for a secure fit while leaving room for helmets and sunglasses. Just loop the wire over your ear, cinch it down and go! The volume ramp on cord is adjustable through your shirt or with gloved hands.

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