Astar AWB-6507 65″ Multi Touch Display Electronic White Board Interactive Smart Writing Board w/ Wi-Fi, 3G internet 5000:1 Built-in Speaker1920 x 1080 Optical

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Offering a broad range of product lines and breakthrough technologies, Astar is elevating the writing board to new levels. Whether you need it for personal use, education, teaching, business or a commercial installation, Astar has the perfect solution that will change the way you teach, advertise, promote, and broadcast to your targeted audience. Astar's multi-purpose writing board comes in a 65" LCD panel with a direct motherboard that can support up to 1920 x 1080 Resolution, giving you a flawless and stunning picture quality. EasyMeeting Tool EasyMeeting is taking meetings, presentation, and teaching to a whole new level. This easy-to-use program allows individuals to write on a digital board, which is much more efficient, orderly, and exciting than the typical white board. Not only can you write directly on the screen, but you are also able to insert videos, pictures, and documents into this program. More than that, you are also able export JPG, PPT, PDF, and other files while using EasyMeeting. In addition, EasyMeeting allows you to email or print out your work, which will help your audience review everything you presented. Unlike the out-of-date white board, EasyMeeting allows you to select from different background designs and colors. EasyMeeting helps your work stand out from the rest with the various graphics and shapes you are able to insert. Touchscreen This writing board has a built-in infrared touch screen that can be operated by writing with your fingers, touch-screen pen, or any opaque object. Astar's writing board has unlimited touch views and an automatic identification. Multi-Purpose The Astar writing board truly is a multi-purpose machine. This writing board can be used for holding a business meeting, teaching purposes, or can even be used to display up-to-date information of your products and services. This product can be used as a monitor with 1080p, computer or a projector. Windows 8 Professional

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