Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard – Gesture Recognition

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Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard has Gesture Recognition for ultimate control and navigation whether you are in the office or classroom.

Gesture Recognition For Full Control
Using gesture recognition you can write, move, zoom in and out, scroll up and down as well as erase with simple hand and finger movements. The sensor and computer are connected by USB cable while the emitter and sensor are wireless with only the emitter requiring power.

Finger Touch Portable Interactive WhiteboardGesture RecognitionThe sensor and computer are connected by USB Cabl
just need power

Manufacturer Specifications
GeneralCalibration Automatic / Manual /Semi Automatic Gesture RecognitionMulti-touch Ten Points TouchFilter Software Auto-Control, Enhance StabilityMax Active Size: 120 Inches ; 100 Inches Technology Laser Image Calibration TechnologyPositional Accuracy: +/-1 Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4:3; 16:9; 16:10Ultra Short Throw: 0.19, XC-FP3ENGLD4, Installation Distance: 0.30 to 0.40 Meters; Short Throw: 0.34,XC-FP3ENGLA4, Installation Distance: 0.54 to 1.1 Meters; Long throw: 3.0 XC-FP3ENGLE4, Installation Distance: 2.15 to 3.2 MetersLaser Safety: CLASS I Wave of the laser: 808nmSignal Refresh Rate: 120FPS DimensionsMain Product Dimensions: 183x35x25mm Main Product Weight: 141g
Product NotesGesture Recognition: Single finger is for Write, Two fingers for move, zoom in or out and scroll bar, Palm for Erase , Palm stay 2s for Spot, Palm two clicks for back to desktop
Package ContentsSensor + EmitterMounts USB CablePointerUser ManualCDScrewsBracketKey

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