Gomadic SunVolt Powerful and Portable Solar Charger suitable for the KD Interactive Kurio Extreme – Incredible charge speeds for up to two devices

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This SunVolt is uniquely tailored to meet the exact charging requirements of the KD Interactive Kurio Extreme. Careful attention has been taken to not only match the physical charging connector, but also the exact regulated voltage specification. On a clear day with the SunVolt system, you can charge the KD Interactive Kurio Extreme with outlet like speeds. In other words, the Kurio Extreme will charge from the sun just as fast as if it were plugged into the wall. In fact, the SunVolt panel is so powerful, you can even charge a secondary USB device, simultaneously. This SunVolt Charging system is also very portable, with a custom designed carrying case that is light, stylish, functional and durable. With the SunVolt carrying case, you can easily bring your power station with you, set it up in seconds and plug in your KD Interactive Kurio Extreme to charge. When you are ready to go, the case closes and safely stores the panel as quickly as it opened.

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