Hitachi FX-89WE1 StarBoard – Interactive whiteboard – 77.2 x 48 in – infrared – wired – USB

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Hitachi FX-89WE1 is an amazing dual touch sensitive interactive whiteboard with an active area of 89" making it a great presentation tool for classrooms and conference halls. It keeps its audience engaged with its advanced features and user-friendly interface which is quite easy to use. FX-89WE1 finger driven feature and multi touch capabilities support collaborative work environments. Teachers will be able to give lessons which are more streamlined and prepared in an attractive manner using the internet and variety of digital links. It allows you to add notes, export them to different file formats and even import Microsoft files. Various businesses can benefit from FX-89WE1 Remote Conferencing feature supporting a dynamic way of conducting business meetings and seminars. It has made it easy for two parties to have a fully interactive meeting while sitting in two different locations sharing a common screen. It's not just about sharing a single screen, both parties can actually annotate running applications, add comments and make notes and they can also browse webpages for a more engaging and interactive business meeting. You can edit your files and documents at any time you want or mail them to anyone you want after the meeting session ends. Hitachi FX-89WE1 is housed with 15 frequently used function buttons for easy operation and convenience. The device also comes with a USB port enabling you to connect multiple devices to it and not worry about finding an electrical outlet. Due to the lower surface gloss you will be able to see clear and bright images which are easy on the eyes. With a much better response time than other whiteboards and a smoother multi touch support, Hitachi FX-89WE1 without any doubt proves to be one of the best among the other dual touch interactive whiteboards. We can say that FX-89WE1 has moved the paradigm of teaching away from teacher led exploration, leading to a more effective and enjoyable learning environment

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