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Resources Hitachi EZ2-Pen BrochureFeatures Can be operated by the supplied pen or a finger.Hand gesture support for scroll erase and zoom functions.Multi-user compatibility for up to 2 users can interact with the board at a time.Expandable active area of 60 to 90.Demo Overview Hitachi StarBoard Link EZ2 Pen Interactive Unit includes the White Link EZ2 portable digitizer and two non-electronic pens. The portable digitizer unit attaches to any board or surface and converts the ordinary board into an interactive whiteboard. You dont need to buy an interactive whiteboard just need a projector to have interactive session.StarBoard Link EZ2 pen is a non electronic pen and its movement is detected by the digitizer through the pens reflective characteristics. This allows you to annotate images and open applications. The two pens can be used simultaneously to have multi-user collaboration and you can also activate multi-touch gestures through the pen. StarBoard Link EZ2 Pen includes the Starboard software. You can use a standard or wide format projector with the StarBoard Link EZ2 Pen Interactive Unit. The active area is between 60 to 90 inches diagonal. Requires a projector to operate.Specifications Model Number StarBoard LINK EZ2 PenDigitizing Technology Infrared Image Sensor SystemInterface to Computer USB 1.1 2.0 cable length 19.7 ftActive Area Size 60 – 77 87 – 90 aspect ratio 4360 – 72 82 – 90 aspect ratio 1610Coordinate Resolution Approx. 500 lpiTracking Speed Approx. 100 pointssecDigitizer Dimensions 3H x 20.1W x 1.6DPen Dimensions 5.5H x 0.6DOperating Specification 41-95F 20-80 HumidityStorage Specification 14-113F 20-80 HumidityPower Consumption 5V 500mA USB Bus PowerWeight Approximately 1.82 lbsDigitizer 1.76 lbs Reflective Pens 0.03 lbs eachPacking dimension 3.5H x 22W x 13.6DCertificates VCCI Class A FCC Class B CE

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