Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1

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The Star board FX-79E1 is the latest interactive technology which is feature packed and comes with a subtle design launched by Hitachi recently. The whiteboard has a wide area of interaction with an active area of 79" and a ratio of 4:3 making it an ideal solution for large rooms. The wide active area makes the display more vivid from other whiteboards. Unlike normal white boards the FX-79E1 allows stylus input as well as inputs with a finger. The finger touch comes in handy in classrooms or in busy conference rooms where there is a probability of losing the stylus. Equipped with the latest infrared ray shading detection system makes the touch more fluid and free of delays. The Hitachi FX-79E1 with its multi-touch features allows effortless collaboration in groups. Two simultaneous inputs at one time lead to better interaction, engagement and cooperation amongst a group. In a classroom this feature comes in handy by providing a platform for more participation and hence improved learning. The Hitachi starboard is a lightweight product with a steel surface and weighs an approximate 22kg. The bracket design has been improved considerably over its predecessors and made easy to mount. These features make the FX-79E1 easily movable from one room to another. The whiteboard comes with Starboard software which is the world's leading whiteboard software by Hitachi. The software simplifies sharing, presenting and controlling for users. The intelligently developed handwriting recognition software by Hitachi has a high detection probability and detects even some of the most complex handwritings. That's not all if you are tired of writing continuously on the whiteboard and need a break the starboard software allows for speech recognition as well.

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