NewPath Learning Biology and The Human Body Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM, Site License, Grade 7-10

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NewPath Learning biology and the human body interactive whiteboard CD-ROM. Standards-based, interactive review cards are perfect for review and assessment prep. Includes 750 interactive review cards, providing comprehensive coverage of the current national curriculum standards. Perfect for use in review and assessment preparation by an individual student or for use on an interactive whiteboard with the entire class. Compatible with either Windows or Mac. Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics: The science of biology; diversity of life; cells: the basic units of life; cell structure and function; cell processes; cells, tissues and organs; cell reproduction; genetics – study of heredity; DNA technology; evolution and classification; modern genetics; bacteria and viruses; invertebrates I; invertebrates II; bones, muscle and skin; the digestive system and nutrition; circulation and immunity; respiration and excretion; the nervous system; the endocrine system and reproduction; genetics and heredity I; genetics and heredity II; human biology; human biology II; lab investigations. Grade: 7, 8 and high school. Product type: assessment prep software. Academic standard: California, Florida, National, New York, Texas.

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