NewPath Learning Fractions and Decimals Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM, Site License, Grade 3-6

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NewPath Learning fractions and decimals interactive whiteboard CD-ROM, site license. Standards-based, interactive questions are perfect for review and assessment prep CD includes 750 illustrated review cards, providing comprehensive coverage of 25 key topics. Perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard by the entire class or by an individual student on a computer. Display questions from a single or multiple topics and save your selections as a lesson plan. Provides instant feedback along with the time on task, number of attempts, percent answered correctly, and number of questions remaining. Compatible with either Windows or Mac. Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics: fractions I; fractions II; comparing fractions; comparing and ordering fractions; equivalent fractions; simplifying fractions I; simplifying fractions II; adding and subtracting fractions I; adding and subtracting fractions II; adding fractions I; adding fractions II; subtracting fractions; multiplying and dividing fractions; ordering fractions I; ordering fractions II; proportions and equivalent fractions; mixed numbers; fractions and decimals; decimals; ordering decimals I; ordering decimals II; percents I; percents II; percents as fractions and decimals and percent, rate and base. Grades 3 – 6. Academic standard: California, Florida, National, New York, Texas.

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