Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard 77″

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The Numonics Intelliboard I-Board Interactive Whiteboard gives you high resolution with a brilliant image quality of 1,000 lines per inch. You can write and draw over the projected images, annotate in color, highlight, cut and paste images and capture the content to distribute to your audience or future reference. It comes with the Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD, RM Easiteach and Sherston Educational Clipart softwares. The Intelliboard features a user-definable easy to use Softkey Editor which lets you instantly launch any pre-selected program or web site for flexibility and a smooth presentation. The Electronic Wand lets you step out of the projector light and still control your computer. The Numonics Intelliboard I-Board Interactive Whiteboard offers a sleek design and is designed to give you the benefits of the state of the art technology and to the average Windows or Mac user. **Requires computer and projector to operate

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