Onkyo DS-A1X iPod/iPhone Remote Interactive Docking Station – BLACK

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Onkyo DS-A1X Recharges iPod When Connected to AC Power Supply, Superior Quality for Digital Music Files, Compatible with RI Remote Control, Remote Interactive Functions (Auto Power On, Auto Selector, Time Play/Sleep Timer) DS-A1X Remote Dock Control From Afar RI-connectivity brings effortless remote control to your iPod's vast library of music-or digital photos-without you having to budge from the sofa. Pristine Onkyo Playback Put those earphones down and give your iPod music a turbo-boost. The DS-A1X provides the link to an absorbing, room-filling sound experience. Relive Those Magical Moments Share those memorable photos through your home theater's larger display, by connecting your photo-enabled iPod with the DS-A1X. Charged and Ready to Go More than just a conduit to your audio system, the DS-A1X also works as a charging station. So, while you're powering up your favorite tunes, your iPod's powering up too. Features Auto Selector Function Time Play/Sleep Timer Function Alarm Function JPEG Capable All Cables Included (RI, Audio/Video, Power) WHD: 112 x 60 x 112 mm Weight: 220 g iPod Models Compatible with the DS-A1X (as of July 2007) 5th generation iPod with video iPod nano iPod photo iPod mini 4th generation iPod with click wheel 3rd generation iPod with touch wheel

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