OPTI-UPS TS1250B Thunder Shield Series 5-Outlet Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (600W)

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Voltage and frequency fluctuations, surges, sags and power cuts could seriously damage your sensitive equipment. These problems occur every day all over the world, and are more frequent in areas with poor power supply. The TS Series provides the ideal solution to protect your small office and home office systems (SOHO) as well as other electronic devices. The Thunder Shield series is not only a great value for the money, but is also very user friendly and meets different requirements for a variety of users. Most UPS systems can do the job by using their built-in batteries. However, the batteries soon deteriorate if they are frequently used. This is where the OPTI-UPS TS Series rises above the others. With its wide range AVR, battery usage is limited to very extreme conditions while normal voltage fluctuations are easily controlled by the UPS. This ensures stable current for your equipment in an unstable power environment. When things get tough on the utility source, the TS Series is there to give the right battery back-up.

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